Playing Black Kat

I found a pair of your Black underwear in a pile of my clothes

washed and clean.

I sniffed them because it’s been a long time. 

I remember the first time I got a hold of a pair of your Black panties.

You left them behind stained in your cum.

When I found them I smiled and clutched them to my nose.

I never intended to give them back. A special gift for me.

A physical memory.

I carried them with me.

Remember when I walked by you at work.

I watched you watch me

take them out of my pocket and inhale all of you

in front of everyone.

Could you tell who I was then?

Or did you just think I wanted to make the kitty wet?

Time pt. 1

I’m like you.

I crave to be wanted too.

Not a part of you but all of you.

The angriest.

The saddest.

The hardest you.

It hurts that I lost the heart I knew.

Question if I ever knew the heart in you.

I been sittin’

Flippin’ switches

Dealin’ with what the heart’s been through.

Forgettin’ visions

in the kitchen kissin’

that’s what Time will do.

I miss time with you

wish time stood still when I’m next to you

but I got someone too

someone that loves me, true.

Waitin’ on what Time will do.