Graham Beck

I know someone with soft lips

Kinda like

the perfect shade of pink.

You have too much you to cry baby,

Listen to your ink.

It doesn’t even have to be me.

Life is short and we grow old like your hair getting long.

The timing is wrong of course, because life is never simple.


It’s more complex than fathomable.

When we try to think, we over think

We force things like,


It’s in our nature to outsmart nature

but fate always wins.

Get it.

But then again,

I was just calling to get a maybe

I just want to say hey.

Have you been sleeping good lately?

Did your smile come out and Raefortheday?

When it’s as effortless as it is with you,

it’s easy to see the beauty in things.

But harder to admit that,

Friendships Evolve and

We might be Confusing things. 

Let’s Freeze time and stay the same,

I don’t want to Ruin things.


I can’t help but want to rip the seams,

the Grit of Teeth

the Scratch

of Nails

Go Deep-

er Please.

I get it all and understand completely.

There’s no Black or White here, just

Gray lines beneath me.

And I’m dreaming,

How to make them Orange and Yellow and Purple

this evening.

Dumb Fuck

I know a democrat that’s married to a republican, 

that can be us.

We have our differences and you don’t think it’ll work 


Your hot and I’m cold.

You want it different this time and,

you think I want the same old

I think we just lost hope.

And I was going right

where you left at.

My lifestyle can get crazy

but girl, 

dont stress that.

I can settle down a bit,

cuz your head and my chest match.

And I know. You know.

What I’m best at.

I can handle the struggle.

I can handle the make due.

Years later,

still waiting on a breakthrough.

So I scream at life, 

“muthafucka I Hate You!”

You played me.

Cuz I fell in Love,

But we,

still only a maybe.

Have you ever wanted something so bad

more than anything

that you couldn’t have?

They told us no,

when it was black versus white

Then again,

when it was no pussy lickin’ dykes.

So what now, what can they say tonight?

Or are you just afraid

to stay the night?

See, I wont hurt you again.

I already did that twice.

And I feel the same way

I dont like this ride.

and try as I may,

I cant seem to give up.

You either,

guess that makes us Both