I want to dissolve into

No. Thing

No. Where

No. One

Fall apart



As a result of the impact. 

Another Poem About Amarah

Beautiful Brown

Don’t let me down

Don’t let me drown

I ain’t heard from you

Whenever I’m sad and depressed over you I have to write about it.

I love. to feel my love

and hate that I’m in love with you.

Beautiful Brown

You let me down

You let me drown

I ain’t heard from you

Wishing all the things like

Getting in bed

Lying my head.

It ain’t even about the sex

I mean I’m down

If you…

Beautiful Brown

When I come to town

When I come around

I ain’t heard from you

Planning time

to unwind

but you’re not sure anymore.

Unanswered texts

soft dick nigga now

someone else is blessed.

Beautiful Brown

I can’t hear a sound

I gotta turn around

I ain’t heard from you

Beautiful Brown don’t let me down

Don’t let me drown

I ain’t heard from you

He Be Like…

What happened was

OK wait let me explain

No not like that

It’s not what you think

I’m trying to tell you

It all started when

What you mean 

What you want

Hold up hold up

Slow down

Is this the right one

It wasn’t even supposed to be like that

It’s not even like that

That’s not what happened

That’s not true

I’m telling you the truth

I promise

You trippin

You crazy

That bitch lyin

Baby I love you

I don’t know her

She followed me

She texted me

It’s nothing

That’s nothing

She means nothing to me

You’re all I need

I want us to be together

So you with me or what